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Data Backup for Business: Get the Most Out of It

All businesses, large or small, need a backup disaster recovery (BDR) solution. There is no telling when a fire, flood, or any other catastrophic event can destroy your on-site data storage and keep you from working out of your home office to continue your business operations. The BDR is an excellent tool, but your business needs to be able to fully benefit from it with a clear plan of action in place when a disaster strikes. Here we discuss how to get the most out of data backup for business.

Get In the Know About Data Loss

Employees as well as the boss need to be educated on what can lead to data loss, including how risk can be limited due to human error. The entire team needs to sit down and be able to answer common questions about data loss which include:

  • What common occurrences result in data loss or a breach?
  • Who on the team is the one in charge of assessing this type of situation?
  • How will each individual scenario be handled?
  • Who is in charge of what actions?
  • When is the point that problems need to be communicated to an external entity?
  • What sort of follow-up should take place in each situation?

Once your team can answer these questions, you have a plan in place that goes beyond simply being able to recover lost data. The answers should be documented and circulated within the company so the staff has something to refer to in case a disaster strikes.

Periodic Review and Tests

Now that you have a documented and well thought out plan, it has to be reviewed periodically, to ensure that the plans are still up to date with what is needed to recover the business process. Get the team together every month or quarter and you’ll be able to stop any potential snags before they happen in real life. Another option to consider is an actual drill at least once a year, so the company knows that everyone is prepared to fulfill their role. The staff will also have a greater appreciation for the plan and understand that it is practical and not just theoretical. 

Use Only One Data Backup Solution  

The idea that “having several data backup managers makes for better security”, is false. The only time you would have multiple backup solutions is when you are using a different one for each feature, such as an individual solution for each separate operating system in the office. Otherwise, it makes much more sense to always go with one data backup solution that is cost-effective for your company and best suits your needs. The more you use multiple backup solutions, the more downtime and data loss you risk, since each solution is only backing up your data partially. You need to shop around and find one service provider who handles data backup for business that is able to encompassing all of your company’s technology and data needs. The data backup solution you choose should be able to replicate from anywhere: offsite, onsite or in the cloud. This feature is well worth any additional costs.

If you have questions about setting up a comprehensive plan to accompany your BDR, contact us today! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to address all of your concerns.

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