5 Benefits of Off-Site Data Backup

Data backup is beyond the days of using multiple discs, trying to manage a large external hard drive, and paying rent for large servers. Now, businesses and personal computer users can backup critical and sensitive data without even thinking about it. How is this possible? The cloud. See how your company can benefit from off-site data backup.

Backup is seamless

Backup used to be daunting and laborious. Hopefully, the person in charge of the backup would remember to do so. Now, companies do not have to worry about that any longer. When you meet with an IT professional, he or she will work with you to establish a backup schedule that will not interfere with business or require an employee to assume all of the responsibility. Instead of backing up files manually or copying each for hours when work should be done, remote backup services allow users to backup with the click of a button, or backups can be scheduled when everyone goes home for the day.

Multiple Backup Methods Utilized

For Parallel Edge specifically, multiple backup methods may be used based on what’s actually appropriate for your business. In some cases you may get the most benefit, when it comes to acceptable risk and cost, with an incremental backup. In others you may require a full backup, or even a differential backup. With any of these options the most recent of your data is backed up and fully recoverable. The objective of any backup is to save data without errors or corruption and based on what your company actually needs will determine what type of backup is used and cost.

Top-notch security and reliability

Off-site data backup is more reliable than the traditional methods with which companies are most familiar. Because backups are automated, every necessary file is backed up on a daily basis. This allows companies to recover the most recent data more quickly without losing significant data. Backups can also be initiated from multiple locations or devices. If one server crashes or a device disappears, backups will still occur without any interruptions.

All of this is done over the Internet, and the same connection is used to provide the user and system with the most secure network possible. Cloud companies are required to endure rigorous safety and security evaluations and to comply with strict security protocols. The same is extended to your company’s data. When backups occur, the information is encrypted and sent to off-site servers in secure locations.

Cuts costs

Off-site data backups reduce the company’s workload and saves money at the same time. Because backups are automated employees don’t have to dip into their daily schedules to backup data, which means production won’t be lost to manually backing data up.

Off-site backups are easy to install because the system is installed over the Internet, and off-site backups don’t require new equipment. Companies that are required to complete backups and have large amounts of data to care for will save money with off-site storage. Companies are only required to pay for the data capacity they use, and it is billed monthly.

Installation is easy

Your company does not need a complicated infrastructure to benefit from off-site data backup services. Because the system is setup and managed by an IT expert, they will tell you what should be backed up and when, and changes can be done with the click of a button. As you grow, you can customize your cloud to grow with you with no downtime or interruptions.

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