Why Choose a Managed IT Solutions Provider

Many small and medium-sized businesses actually hire more to save more money. Businesses are hiring a Managed IT Solutions provider (MSP) to cut costs, control IT, boost productivity, and to protect customers and clients. Businesses are good at delegating tasks and jobs to others, but too many are afraid to do the same with IT. It is time to give up on in-house IT solutions and trial-and-error security and software, and delegate the job to the professionals. Businesses owners are experiencing many benefits of using Managed IT Solutions, and we listed three of our favorites.

More Room in the Budget

One of the biggest myths surrounding Managed IT Solutions is exhausting costs. The idea of switching systems, overhauling the infrastructure, and hiring a company to monitor all of it scares business owners. The myth simply isn’t true. Managed Solutions may actually save your company as much as 30% per year in IT expenses. Managed Solutions operates through your current IP and does not require special hardware or devices to function. Managed IT Solutions is one of the only things in the technology world that is compatible across various devices and operating systems.

Managed IT Solutions permits business owners to cut costs considerably by eliminating the need for an in-house IT solution, or working in conjunction with the current IT team, by eliminating the need for costly repairs and service calls, and by keeping the system up and running at all times.

Better Security and Protection

According to the National Small Business Association 2013 security survey, 44% of businesses report being hacked. The costs associated with security intrusions soar to nearly $9,000 on average, and if credit data or personal information is obtained, a company usually forks over money to each customer and pays for credit monitoring services. Companies also have to pay professionals to identify and eradicate the intrusion. The costs pile on as the company’s image struggles to survive. Managed IT Solutions is an affordable way to provide customers with security knowing their personal data is protected, and to protect businesses from criminals. Managed IT Solutions include a security and risk audit, recommendations for maximum protection, proactive monitoring and support as needed, and prevention strategies. MSPs are up-to-date on the latest risks, they perform regular assessments, and processes are in place which ensure a business owner has unobstructed access to an expert.

Many industries have various regulatory and compliance requirements to which they are required by law to adhere. Managed IT Solutions’ comprehensive security and operating strategies ensure businesses remain compliant.

Promotes Growth

IT infrastructure is complex and requires daily diligence. If your employees are spending all their time wrapped up in IT issues, productivity tanks. Managed IT Solutions is an affordable way to provide a dependable and scalable system, without stretching resources too thin. Managed IT Solutions is tailored to suit your business’s needs at the time and can be revamped in the future to promote and support imminent growth.

Migration has been automated as well to improve the experience and increase the capacity of the system. In just a small amount of time, virtualization makes consolidation and migration simple and without downtime.

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