We Don’t Do Contracts


1. NO CONTRACTS: We do not, and have never, required you to sign a contract to work with us. We never want to be in a position where you are working with us because the contract says you must. We always want to put you in a position where you are working with us because we are doing our best, and right, work for you

2. YOU MATTER: As our client you are not a commodity. We have built our business on relationships that exceed the customer to vendor relationship, in fact we can be your trusted resource to help you manage any vendor that touches your technology framework be it SIP, IP, VOIP, IT or any other alphabetical variation that is attached to technology.

3. TRANSPARENCY: The recommendations we make will always be based on best practices determined by our experience working with a given solution. Recommendations will never be based on manufacturer incentives or other non-relevant factors. We will never “box you in” with a solution that ties you to us as your sole source.

4. COLLABORATION: If you follow our advice you will be happy – GUARANTEED. Let us collaborate with you to define a technology management program that works for you now and into the future.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY: If you are not happy we are not happy. You have the right to escalate ANY concern to whatever level you feel necessary. We will hear your concerns and work to be sure your concerns are addressed.

6. RIGHT FIT: We don’t force you into a predetermined plan. Our plans are starting points and we work with you to craft a plan that best fits your needs from a support and budgetary perspective. You can adjust the support level as needed at any time. This INCLUDES scaling us back. Remember the 2008 recession? Many of our clients scaled back as the economy slowed, and scaled back up as business improved.

7. LONG TERM: We have low turnover. Most IT providers see their technical staff come and go. At Parallel Edge we take pride in the fact that our staff has been with us for many years. Our employees stick around and so do our clients, we are proud to say that clients brought on board at our founding in 1996 are still with us today.

8. SERVICE FIRST: We are a service FIRST organization. Sales of “stuff” is not what drives us. Sure, we can sell you all the technology components you need, but that is a convenience for you, not a factor in how the decisions are made in determining the best solution for you.

9. NO BUNDLES: You know what they are, think Comcast or Verizon. Every service and product we support, sell, or recommend can be uncoupled. You get what you pay for and know what you are getting.

10. TRUSTWORTHY: The first point of the Scout Law, and we foster a culture internally that supports this important characteristic. We strive to earn your trust because in the end it makes it easier for us to do our job and easier for you to focus on other things.