Small Business Technology Recommendations

Being a small business does not mean you are always going to be small, so you better learn how to play ball with the big boys before you get into the game. One way to compete and put your brand out there is to embrace business technology.   If costs are an issue, there are plenty of affordable technologies that can be utilized by companies of all sizes. Here are examples of technology that benefit small businesses and help the company flourish.



Companies are becoming more and more mobile as mobility adds flexibility and increases productivity. Tablets have greatly increased in popularity and they come with nearly every application available for a desktop. Use a tablet to video conference remotely, which makes it easy as a small business owner to communicate with your whole team with via simple use of an app.


Cloud Storage and Security 

It isn’t just the corporate titans that need to protect their data. A small business’s information is just as important and can just as easily be hacked. Invest in cloud security to backup and encrypt your data in case of a natural disaster or an attempted breach. The cloud also makes it possible to access your data during these tough times. Cloud storage makes it possible to get at your information from any place at any time, via the tablet, desktop, smartphone or other mobile device.


Social Media and Marketing Tools

With such a large percentage of people using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is irresponsible to not create a social media site for your small business. Social media can be used to reach targeted markets and social media tools make it much easier to promote your small business on these top networks. You can use social media tools to create social campaigns and then track the performance of each one. This saves a small business lots of money and time so you can see easily which campaigns can be dropped and which should be promoted more. With social media tracking tools, your small business will know which keywords to use to better promote themselves.


Website and SEO

Without a web site, chances are your business will not even be taken seriously in today’s market. Once you have on created, you will have to promote the site so you can reach your target audience. Since search engines are clogged with traffic it is difficult to know the best way to get your site out there. Even if your site is well-designed, you need to have the content written based on keywords you want targeted by those searching. For a small budget that is well-worth it, employ a search engine expert to optimize your website exposure. You will soon see rankings in the search engines and much more traffic coming to your web site, which equates to more sales.

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