Industry Compliance and Other Benefits of Secure File Sharing With Parallel Edge

Industry compliance can be a tricky thing. It’s even trickier when organizations everywhere are sharing files and information through instant messaging and file sharing platforms that may not be as secure as they think. For example, you need to have a colleague review a specific contract or customer order information.

Unless the file-sharing platform you are using adheres to strict security protocols, limits access to those individuals who actually need it, and an assortment of other requirements to maintain industry specific compliance – you’ve likely put those files and information at risk.

Dropbox and other consumer-grade file sharing platforms are popular because of how easy they are to use, but you must be wary about the security measures put in place for compliance purposes. Furthermore, those platforms are at risk of attack and data loss through various web vulnerabilities and a lack of security options.

The only way to make sure your business is on the up-and-up when it comes to regulations and compliance is to utilize tools that meet business needs and ensure data security. That’s where secure file sharing and collaboration tools from Parallel Edge come in.

In addition to helping your business maintain industry and regulatory compliance, there are other benefits to secure file sharing with Parallel Edge.


User and Group Management

  • Import members and groups from Active Directory
  • Flexibly assign and reassign projects and owners
  • Define workgroup members, roles, and access rights


Policy Management

  • Set policies for public links, remote access, IT whitelist
  • Define policies for mobile editing, sharing, or app access
  • Configure password complexity and Two-Factor Authentication


Document Management

  • Easy uploading and downloading via browser or e-mail without size restrictions
  • Simple for users to start working immediately
  • Seamless integration with online office tools


Historical Archive and Versioning

  • Built-in versioning to eliminate risk of lost files or changes
  • Quickly recover lost files or folders to their original locations
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