Benefits of Business IT Support As-You-Need-It

Take a minute to think about the top three things that constantly require your attention for your business. Now write them down. Once you’ve written them down you may notice there are things on that list you could use some outside help with. Perhaps a handful of computers go on the fritz each month. Maybe your communications system is acting a bit ‘weird’ and you can’t figure out why. Regardless of the issue, being able to get the IT Support you need as you need it is key.

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay a high, monthly fee when the issues you experience don’t merit 24/7/365 monitoring or maintenance. Besides, why would you do something like that when you can count on Parallel Edge to provide you with the exact type of IT Support you need for whatever it is you need. Don’t pay for added services you don’t actually need, and instead get exactly what you pay for – no matter how large or small a project is.

The benefits to your organization for choosing a business IT Support As-You-Need-It service are undeniable. Business IT Support, as you need it offers a flexibility that is not inherent in the large, generic IT Support packages some businesses pay for. That flexibility provides you more control how you request and receive business IT support. Speedy response time is another major benefit of business IT Support As-You-Need-It. Bundled services give you a window of time in which they’ll respond to you, which is typically 4-6 hours, whereas you can expect a near immediate response otherwise.

More than anything when it comes to business IT Support As-You-Need-It compared to bundled services, you know exactly what you’re paying for and why. You don’t have to worry about combing through ‘detailed’ reports of where your money is going when it comes to IT support.

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