Revit Workstations: The Goldilocks Principle ~ Peter Yackel

Choosing the right hardware for a Revit workstation is usually approached in two distinct ways.  One, spend a lot of money on high performance components and a lot of RAM just to be sure it will handle any Revit task you throw at it, or two, spec the computer components based on the minimum or recommended system requirements for Revit as outlined by Autodesk.  While the first approach will certainly have the user grinning from ear to ear in pure performance bliss, it’s overkill.  The second approach will likely soon have the user pounding the keyboard or spending extra time chatting at the water cooler or coffee machine. Read more

Car Technology That Will Blow Your Mind!

car technology shutterstock_131500079Think technology is advancing fast for business use? Take a minute to think about what advancements in technology and electronics has meant for vehicles and driving. What do you get when you combine advanced electronics, technology and cars? A lot of crazy car technology, that’s what!

Cars That Look Around

The auto technology today allows vehicles to gather information about drivers and objects all around the car, making it seem like the car can “see” all around the vehicle. More than 90% of car accidents are a result of driver error, so carmakers are creating safety systems with technology that help drivers avoid these accidents – things like rear back up cameras, blind spot warning systems, land departure warning systems, automatic braking, and adaptive cruise control.

Smart Intersections

Coming in the near future, not only will we continue to have cars that “talk” to each other to know when to apply brakes are slow down or issue a warning to the driver, but we’ll have “smart” intersections, too.  Stop signs and traffic lights will have sensors and the ability to communicate with vehicles if a car is running a red light or to improve efficiency of the traffic flow through an intersection.  Let’s say there is only one vehicle at the intersection and the light is red – the light could learn to turn green to avoid making the car sit and wait when no other traffic is in or approaching the intersection.

Cars that Park and Drive Themselves?

With technology that can already help a car brake to avoid danger or stay in the lane without driver assistance, is it too much of a leap to think about cars that park themselves or drive themselves?  Seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but there are already vehicles with parking assistance technology that help you parallel park your vehicle and it’s expected that in the near future – our cars will be able to pretty much drive themselves.

Carmakers are the New Computer Programmers

Car technology is connected to driver’s smartphones, and consumers are demanding even greater connectivity and technology from their vehicles.  Reuters reports that everything from the vehicle’s air conditioning to its braking ability is controlled by millions of lines of computer code.  The growing use of computers in vehicles has led to carmakers hiring thousands of software programmers. If you’re looking for a new career path, software programming for automakers might be a good direction to go in as there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the use of technology in vehicles decreasing any time soon!

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